Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the Seneca Falls Heritage and Tourism Center! We’re happy to have you 🙂

This blog will be more in depth talks about things such as the exhibits we’re featuring in the museum, events going on, gift shop features, and places to visit. If you follow either of our Instagrams (you definitely should by the way! You can find them here and here) or follow us on Facebook, you’ll probably have seen a lot of the things I’ll mention on here, but more in depth. That way you don’t get bored reading extremely long captions (and we can keep our engagement up 😉 )

To introduce us as a museum and visitor center – if you’ve never visited us – hello dear reader! We do many things and go by many names, but mostly we are here to tell the stories of the Cayuga-Seneca Canal and all of the industries in the area, while also directing visitors to the places they’re interested in visiting. We are one of five total museums in the area, which you can check out here! Currently we’re directly across the street from the It’s A Wonderful Life Museum and surrounded by some fantastic restaurants to try out.

As this is only an introduction, that is all from me for now! Expect that I’ll be posting more soon as we have some very exciting posts and holidays coming up! Specifically National Cappuccino Day which I happen to be very excited about (and also Thanksgiving, obviously).

Best wishes!