Frequently Asked Questions

Are there falls in Seneca Falls?

There are no falls in Seneca Falls. Unfortunately, when the Cayuga-Seneca Canal was widened in 1915, it was made wider and deeper, effectively wiping out the falls that were in town. There are many other waterfalls to see in the Finger Lakes however! The majority of them are in Watkins Glen or Ithaca at the ends of Seneca and Cayuga lake. You can see many of them and where they are on our Seneca Tourism instagram!

Was It’s A Wonderful Life filmed in Seneca Falls?

It’s a Wonderful Life was not filmed in Seneca Falls. It was filmed in Hollywood, however there are many comparisons to be made between Seneca Falls and Bedford Falls. One of them being the bridge scene, which happened in real life to two people on one of our bridges in town! There is a plaque that commemorates it, but we also have a museum in town you can visit dedicated to the movie.

What is there to do?

We have 4 other museums (not including us!) all within walking distance of our organization. These include the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum, the National Women’s Hall of Fame, the Women’s Rights National Historic Park (not affiliated with the Hall of Fame), and the Seneca Falls Historical Society! They all have various hours, and you can check them out here. These museums do not include any of the sculptures to see in town, or any of the homes related to the Underground Rail Road.

If you’re not interested in the museums, there are two state parks nearby, as well as dozens of wineries, breweries, and “cheeseries” across the Finger Lakes. Seneca Lake State Park is located off of 5&20 in Geneva, and Cayuga Lake State Park is here in Seneca Falls. The closest wineries to us in Seneca Falls are Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery, and Muranda Cheese Company.

What is the best place to eat?

The best place to eat is whatever you are in the mood for! Our downtown is full of different restaurants in town, ranging from pizza, to pub food, to sandwiches, to coffee! We have a page dedicated to the restaurants within walking distance from us, so feel free to check any of them out!

If you have more questions, come visit us! We are open Monday through Saturday 10 – 4, and Sunday 12 – 4!

And we’re dog friendly!