Bring the SuperHERo Experience Home!


When we think of Superheroes…what do we think of?
They do something incredibly helpful for our community and society, right? We wanted to take this concept and introduce and explore some of the women that could have been named superHERoes of their time! These women fought hard for the women’s right to vote and changed our history! We recently had an in-person program with author, Nancy B. Kennedy and wanted to expand our reach of our audience with some at-home and online options for our community’s children.

Here is a great way to participate in our children’s literacy program and get an awesome prize for taking part in our SuperHERoes at-home program. 

Choose one (or more) of these at-home activities to turn in to receive a FREE SuperHERo kit: 
Coloring Sheet – download here or pick up a coloring sheet of the Women Win the Vote cover and turn that in. 
Lego Creation – Let your creativity flow with LEGOS! Build a creation that represents the anniversary of the women’s right to vote! You could build a specific suffragist, a symbol that portrays this amazing achievement, or a scene that tells a story. Please include a short description of your lego creation. If you do not want to bring in your creations, you can show us a picture of it!
Create your own response to how women are viewed in society today. You may choose a poem, create a piece of art, and advertisement or a proposal for a video game, write a speech, or film a news report. Write a thank you letter to a suffragist or women’s rights activist. How has their accomplishment influenced your life today?Conduct an image search to see some buttons created during this time. Then, design you own “Votes for Women” button inspired by Carrie Chapman Catt’s campaign to win the vote for women in this country. 
Determine in what year you will be 18 years old and eligible to vote! Write a short story about what the world might be like in that year. Will a woman have been elected president of the US by then? 

What can be found in your prize kit: 
One hardcover, signed book: Women Win the Vote!: 19 for the 19th Amendment By Nancy B Kennedy. Superhero cape and mask making-kitSuperhero SnacksWomen’s National Historical Park Junior Ranger magazine Votes for Women pin And some other cool stuff will be in your superhero bag too! 

Where to bring these projects and pick up your kits:Any of the above activities can be turned in at the Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry’s front desk at 89 Fall Street Seneca Falls. These kits are first-come, first-served.

Thank YOUs:
Thank you to the partners who have worked on this children’s program: Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry, Seneca Falls Library, Seneca Falls Historical Society, and the National Women’s Rights Historical Park. 

Thank you to the author, Nancy B. Kennedy, for making the trip to Seneca Falls and assisting our program and our literacy goals for our young people in our community and providing ways for more children to get involved from home. 

Thank you to our sponsors and support from Waterloo Container and BonaDent for our 2020 children and youth programming.  

Any questions, please contact Rhonda at

This year marks the 100th anniversary of passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. To commemorate this milestone year, the Seneca Falls Visitor Center/Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry, Women’s Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls Historical Society, and the Seneca Falls Library are joining forces for a family event for all ages that connects history, literacy, and fun!
This program, titled SuperHeroes of History, will explore how some of our favorite women’s rights activists were the “SuperHERoes” of their time! Information on Nancy B. Kennedy’s book: